The YH Process

Initial Meeting - Schematics.

In our initial meeting with our Client, either in the office or on site, we will go over the scope of work, determine the budget and conduct a field investigation. From this, we will begin to develop schematic options. Once we gain approval on one schematic option, we will provide a fee proposal. Once the fee proposal is accepted and signed, we will proceed to the next phase.

Contract Administration

This phase includes submitting plans for building permit approval and addressing all building department comments, and once approved, the Contractor will pick up the building permit. Once the permit is issued, we will work out the schedule with our Client and Contractor, do the inspections as required during construction. We will also review all submittals and address requests for information during construction. Administratively, we will write up the contract between our Client and the Contractor, then have the Client and Contractor approve the contract.

Post-Contract Engagement

Upon completion of the project, we meet with our Client to gain input and feedback on our work and make ourselves available for any future needs.

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